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Your free hypnosis course comprises of 6 audio lessons that explain how each stage of the hypnotic process works. But this is not just theory, by the time you’ve gone through all 6 lessons you’ll not only know how hypnosis works, but you’ll also be able to do it!

That’s right! You’ll actually be able to put a person into a genuine hypnotic trance!

On your free course you’ll discover how to successfully guide a person into trance, what to do with it and how to wake them up afterwards.

Each lesson is delivered by email. To secure your place on this free course just pop your email address into the form below and I’ll send you lesson one immediately.

When will you receive lesson 2?

I’ll only send you the next lesson once you’ve had time to fully absorb the previous one. All of the lessons are hosted on my website, which tracks your progress through the course and lets me know when you complete each lesson.

As soon as I get confirmation that you’ve finished a lesson I’ll prepare the next one for you, but I won’t email you until the following day. It’s important that you fully absorb everything that I say in each lesson before moving on to the next one. The lessons are very short, but they contain a lot of information. You should listen to each one several times to be sure you don’t miss anything.

The lessons also include simple exercises that are designed to help you absorb each new technique. It’s very important that you do these exercises before moving on to the next lesson. When you hypnotise a person you are working with them on several different levels. In order to do this successful, and become a master of hypnosis, you need practise each technique thoroughly.

What you’ll learn on your free hypnosis course

Free Hypnosis Lesson #1

Lesson one creates a foundation of understanding. You’ll discover what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t. We explore some of the common misconceptions about trance and explain the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Lesson one reveals the reason that suggestions are accepted during hypnosis but rejected during normal waking consciousness. It also explains what would happen if you were to hypnotise a person and sneak away without waking them up.

Lesson one gives you the answers to the questions that your future volunteers will ask. Many people have a very distorted idea of what hypnosis is, so they often come to you with preconceived ideas that are completely false. Some of these ideas will prevent them from entering trance at all so it’s very important that you address them before you begin.

Another important thing to take away from lesson one is that it explains that hypnosis is a completely normal process. There’s nothing mystical or magical about it and it requires no special ability or power. This means that anybody, including you, can become a hypnotist.

Free Hypnosis Lesson #2

The main focus of lesson two is the pre-hypnotic talk. This is everything you need to say before you ‘officially’ begin hypnotising a person.

This section is very important, but often overlooked. It gives you the opportunity to seed your volunteer with hidden suggestions while their guard is down.

During this lesson you’ll learn some very powerful rapport building skills, which you can use to ‘pace and lead’ your client into trance. You’ll discover how to hide suggestions in seemingly normal conversation and how to lead your client in the direction you want them to go by presenting them with ‘choices’ that all have the same outcome.

For fun, I give you a simple phrase you can say to a loved one that is designed to get them to make you a cup of tea. The command is completely hidden within a very innocent sounding account fo your journey home from work. This will give you the opportunity to see how these patterns work in the real world and plenty of ideas for creating your own.

Hypnotic language is incredibly powerful, but it’s also beautifully subtle. There is a lot of information in this lesson so be sure to listen to it several times. The language patterns that you’ll learn here are used throughout the entire hypnotic process. But they are not confirmed to hypnosis, they will also make you a much more persuasive communicator in all areas of life.

Free Hypnosis Lesson #3

Lesson 3 is the real meat of the course. The induction process itself. During this lesson you’ll learn how to guide a person into trance by exploiting a natural phenomena that happens to all of us every single day.

You’ll develop your hypnotic language skills by learning a simple way to boost the effectiveness of all of your suggestions. You’ll discover the most effective and quickest way to get your client to relax and how to tag your commands on to verifiable statements so they piggyback their way into your clients subconscious.

You’ll also discover the subtle signs you need to look out for that indicate that your client is entering trance. These tell you when to move from the induction process to the trance deepening script.

Free Hypnosis Lesson #4

Lesson 4 is about deepening the trance state. I give you some basic formulas that you can expand upon to create your own hypnotic deepening technique.

One of the most important tools for any hypnotist is their voice. You’ll learn how to develop your hypnotic voice so that you can effectively hypnotise anybody, without needing to read from a script. I’ll teach you a simple trick that helps to lower the tone of your voice and a mental exercise that I use to ensure my voice is always guiding my client deeper into trance, regardless of the words I’m actually saying.

During this lesson I’d like you to take a step back from the language itself and see the bigger picture. You’ll learn how to create a powerful association that links going deeper into trance to a scene that you describe to your client. You can then use this to lead them deeper inside and shift focus from their body to their mind.

Free Hypnosis Lesson #5

Most of my students are so concerned about the actual induction process that they completely forget to prepare something to do with the trance state once their client is hypnotised!

Lesson 5 gives you plenty of ideas of ways to use the trance state that you’ve just created. We look into the three popular areas of trance, therapy, entertainment and regression, and explore each of these in turn with lots of ideas to get you started.

To help you become an effective therapist I give you my 3 golden rules of suggestion. So long as you follow these, you can create effective therapy for almost any situation.

For people that are more interested in using hypnosis for entertainment I’ll explain how to structure your show in such a way that each routine takes your volunteers deeper into trance. I’ll also tell you (word for word) how to get a volunteer back into trance just by clicking your fingers and give you plenty of ideas, tips and tricks that will ensure your show is a success.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating areas of hypnosis is hypnotic regression. I’ll teach you a really easy and safe way to regress your client so they can relive an experience from their childhood or even a past life.

Free Hypnosis Lesson #6

Lesson 6 is all about dealing with ‘problems’. First of all, as a follow on from lesson 5, we explore abreaction. This is when the client suddenly releases repressed emotion. I explain what causes this, how to recognise it and how best to deal with it in such a way that really helps you client.

Abreaction is rare, It’s something that is more likely to happen during regression therapy but it’s not common at all. During the past 25+ years I’ve regressed hundreds of people, and explored thousands of past lives yet I’ve only seen it twice. However, it can happen so I want you to know exactly what you need to do if it does.

Something that absolutely will happen, especially when you’re first starting out is laughter. It’s very common for a client to laugh as they are going into trance and when I show you how to deal with it, you’ll be hoping that it happens!

When you know these tricks you can use the laughter to drop your client into a much deeper trance, really quickly.

Finally, to close off your course, I teach you how to wake your client from hypnosis and bring them back to fully waking consciousness feeling great.

And that’s it!

Each lesson lasts around 8 minutes, but I do talk pretty quickly so I strongly recommend that you listen to them all several times. If you don’t then you will definitely miss something. There is a lot of information crammed into every lesson and I want to make sure you hear it all, because I want you to become a truly great hypnotist!

To get started, pop your email address into the form below and hit send. I’ll send you lesson one immediately. And each successive lesson one day after I know you’ve completed the previous one.

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