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Lesson 3 - Hand Locking Explained

Your 3rd lesson is ready for you below. This lesson is a brief introduction to lots of different hypnotic patterns. So don't worry about trying to remember everything at this stage. We'll be covering each hypnotic language pattern in detail later.

In this lesson I explain how and why the hand locking routine works. You'll find out about many different language patterns that will make yesterdays lesson seem a lot more complex! After you've gone through this lesson watch lesson two again and see how many of these patterns you can pick out. (You'll find a link to lesson 2 in the email)

Now that you're aware of some of the more subtle patterns that hypnotists use you'll begin to notice these same strategies cropping up everywhere. Particularly in political speeches and advertising presentations!

Oh... And just ignore me at the end where I say I'll see you in lesson 3!! This is lesson 3... I'll see you next time in lesson 4! ;)

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