How to Hypnotize People

The Complete Beginners Guide to Genuine Hypnosis

From Steven Hall

Because you are reading this message, it's safe for me to assume that you're interested in hypnosis, yes?

Of course, I don't know why you want to hypnotise people, but I can definitely relate to your situation.

I've been obsessed with hypnosis for as long as I can remember. But I never really believed I'd be able to do it.

You see, for a long time, I thought that hypnosis was one of two things: Completely fake, or some kind of psychic power.

I'm not psychic, I don't have any special powers and (excuse my language here) I just don't have the balls to fake it. I know some people can pretty much fake anything. I'm not one of those people.

So either way, I didn't think I'd ever be able to do it.

Of course, I was wrong. Hypnosis is neither of these things and I'm very happy to say that I can definitely do it. You'll also be very happy to learn that I can teach you how to do it too.

But before we get to that, lets take a step back for a moment. Why do you want to learn hypnosis? How will your life change when you can do it?

For me, in the beginning, I didn't have a reason as such, I just wanted to be able to do it. I wanted to 'put people under' and make them do stuff. Not in a bad way, or to take advantage of them, but because I thought it'd be cool as hell!

I was just 18 the first time hypnotised somebody, I'm 44 now, so it was a long time ago. But I remember it like it was yesterday. That day totally changed my life in ways I could never have expected.

I asked you a moment ago how your life will change when you can hypnotise people. To be honest, like me when I first started out on this journey, I'm guessing that you've never really given this much thought.

Right now, you probably still can't believe that you'll be able to do it.

Trust me. You will.

Hypnotising people is very easy

Hypnotising people is a lot easier than you think. Anybody can do it. Even if you don't believe that you can.

In fact... If you do exactly what I tell you, you'll be able to hypnotise somebody today.

But how will your life change?

To help you imagine your future as a hypnotist, I'm going to share with you just some of the ways hypnosis has changed my life. I hope that as you read through my experiences you feel inspired to copy some of the things I've done, and maybe think about using hypnosis in ways you hadn't considered.

The very first person I hypnotised was a friend of my sisters. I'll tell you exactly what happened later, but for now, I just want to touch on how the experience felt for me.

How it feels to hypnotise somebody

It's kinda hard to describe the feeling that you get from knowing that you can hypnotise people. It's a very powerful feeling. You feel special. Like you're a member of an elite club, or that you are somehow better than 'normal' people.

Hypnosis is a perfectly normal thing, it doesn't require any special powers to do it, but being able to do it really does make you feel as though you have special powers. It gives you an inner strength and makes you feel incredibly confident.

For me, confidence was a very welcome and new feeling. I was a painfully shy teenager. I dreaded any kind of social contact and if anybody noticed me I'd instantly go bright red.

Learning how to hypnotise people transformed all of that. It gave me confidence and made me feel special. It made me feel like I had something of value and if I'm completely honest, the thing it made me feel the most was very very cool.

Hypnosis changes you, in a really good way!

As I learned more about hypnotic language I noticed it creeping into normal conversations. I wasn't doing it intentionally, it just happened.

Very quickly, I become incredibly influential. It was as though my words had power, just by talking I seemed to get everything I wanted, without even trying.

Naturally, as an 18 year old kid with a huge ego, I took advantage of this. I got special treatment at work, pay rises that I didn't deserve, and (without going into the gory details) a LOT of attention from girls that were way out of my league.

But I wasn't just influencing others, I was also influencing myself. My self-talk changed. I started to think like a hypnotist and positive life changing language patterns constantly saturated my mind.

Without effort or intention, I was transformed.

This shift was completely unexpected. But it's something that happens to everybody that learns hypnosis. You change as a person. When you think about it, it really shouldn't be a surprise. You are learning really powerful language patterns that affect the human mind.

The more you study this stuff the more it rubs off on you.

Of course, if you really want to achieve your ultimate potential then I thoroughly encourage you to become your own eager guinea-pig. Make your own hypnotic recordings, tailor them to your specific needs and program yourself to achieve absolutely anything you want.

When I first started out I didn't do this, but I wish I had. I hadn't even considered using hypnosis to improve my life. I just wanted to look cool and make other people do stuff. But when I eventually did turn my hypnotic skills on myself my life really took off.

I attacked every area of my life that was holding me back. Starting with my lack of confidence. And people noticed! Amongst my friends I became known as the guy that can approach girls in bars. Imagine that! Me, the awkward geek that went bright red if a girl even noticed him suddenly able to walk right up to the hottest girl in the bar, strike up a conversation and get results.

Use my script to hypnotise people today

In the early days, I used a script to hypnotise people. I created the script myself and every time I learned something new I tweaked it a little. Making it even more powerful. I kept a printed copy of it on me at all times, just in case I needed it. But gradually, as I started to learn more and more about hypnotic language I needed it less and less.

Eventually I was able to hypnotise anybody on the fly. Which, is my goal for you.

Don't panic though, I'm not gonna push you in at the deep end. I'm going to be with you every step of the way. To begin, just like me, you will be using my script. When you want to hypnotise a person, all you need to do is read it out. I'm also gonna show you how and why it works.

Obviously, just reading out a script isn't going to transform you into a hypnotist. There's a little more to it than that. You need to read it in a very specific way, and emphasise certain words to create hidden commands that go directly into your volunteers subconscious.

I'm also going to break the script down for you and guide you through each step of the process. Then, we'll build it back up together, layering hypnotic language patterns one on top of another.

This advanced layering technique makes your induction incredibly powerful and almost impossible for anybody to resist.

Once you've downloaded your 'read-to-go' script, like me, you'll probably start by hypnotising your friends.

My early (and often very foolish!) hypnosis experiments

I started practising hypnosis on my work mates. I was a floor manager at the local McDonalds and always got to work the late shift. Every night we'd finish shutting down the store around 2am. Then I'd hypnotise whoever was up for it and we'd all have a laugh at their expense.

I did a lot of really stupid things during those late night sessions. Some of them I regret, others taught me skills that I still use today.

I want to share a couple of those experiences with you. You probably shouldn't copy everything I did, but these early experiments helped to build my skills, and gave me confidence in my abilities. I think you'll find them very interesting...

Remember, back then I was only just starting out. At this stage I hadn’t even considered using hypnosis to help people or anything like that, I just wanted to have a bit of a laugh.

Stuck with diarrhoea

One particular night, I told my volunteer that his feet were stuck to the floor. I said that with each click of my fingers he could release one foot, but as soon as he put it back down it’d stick fast and he wouldn’t be able to move. I also said that when I clapped my hands, he’d be completely free and able to move normally.

To ‘spice things up a little’ (which is usually a mistake) I also told him that he had diarrhoea and was desperate for the toilet.

I then proceeded to click my fingers very very slowly as he struggled to un-stick one foot at a time. After a minute or so of watching him squirm I clapped my hands and he made a mad dash for the toilet.

This all happened at the end of the night, everything was packed away and we were all set to go home. So when he returned to the staff room we locked up and left. I didn’t even think about checking the toilet.

A couple of hours later, I was woken by my phone at 6am. It was my boss, the store manager. He’d just turned up to open the store and had walked into the staff toilets only to find them completely covered in **** (I’m sure you can guess!) It was all over the toilet seat, the floor and even on the walls. To say he was livid would be an understatement. Erm… whoops!

Now obviously, this is something you probably shouldn’t try yourself. Especially if you work in a restaurant like I did. But I thought I’d share it with you as it demonstrates how powerful a simple suggestion can be.

My next little suggestion was equally interesting but not nearly so explosive…

The invisible hand

This time I decided to tell a work colleague that I was invisible. I had intended to spook them out by levitating things with my invisible hand but instead I thought I’d try a little experiment.

During this session they were cashing up the days takings. This involved a lot of counting, working out percentages and filling out spread sheets. All of which needed a calculator.

Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to let them continue cashing up as I put my invisible hand over the calculator display.

They continued working as though I wasn’t even there. Punching numbers into the calculator, copying down answers into the spreadsheet and even adding results into the calculator memory to retrieve running totals.

We later checked all of the calculations together and they were perfect.

At the time I assumed that their subconscious mind had done the calculations for them, then hallucinated the results onto the calculator display while negatively hallucinating my hand.

But I later read about an experiment where a hypnotist held an old pocket watch cupped in his hand onto a girls back while telling the volunteer that was standing in front of the girl that she was invisible. When the hypnotist asked the volunteer to read out the time he did so perfectly, then he read out an inscription from the watch that he couldn’t possibly have known.

Experiments like this make you think about the nature of reality. We don’t see things ‘out there’ we see them inside our mind. Our brain receives electrical signals via our optic nerve and transforms them into an image that we project out into the world. Even the physical stuff we are looking at isn’t solid, it’s just a vibration of energy. If you look at an atom through an electro-microscope it’s almost entirely empty space.

So who knows, maybe given the right suggestion we can look through the empty space of one thing to see another.

I’ve done many stage hypnosis routines where I tell the volunteer that they can see the audience completely naked. I wonder if they really can.

Drink driving

This next little experiment was one of my favourite. I gave a friend of mine the suggestion that water had exactly the same affect on him as alcohol, and the more he drank then more drunk he got. Then we’d all go out clubbing.

Throughout the night we’d get increasing drunk as we downed pint after pint of beer. My friend keeping up with our drunkenness as he downed pint after pint of water.

A second, and very important suggestion that I’d also previously installed was that the moment he touched the car door handle he’d instantly become completely sober.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, he was our designated driver.

This final experiment that I’d like to share with you is really interesting, but you probably shouldn’t copy it…

Blood control

I gave a friend the suggestion that his arm was completely anaesthetised. Then jabbed a staple into it. Yes, I know. I’m not proud of these early experiments, and no, the staple gun wasn’t sterilised, or even clean, it was just a regular office stapler that happened to be on the table next to me when I was trying to think of something to do.

The staple went all the way in, so that only a flat line of metal was showing. Interestingly, he didn’t bleed. Which I found a little odd. But it gave me an idea. I told him that I was going to pull the staple out, but he would not bleed. Then after 5 seconds he would bleed from the left side puncture hole, but not from the right side one.

I accept that this was a very convoluted suggestion but I just wanted to see what would happen. I pulled out the staple and nothing happened. He didn’t bleed. Everybody watching counted to five, then perfectly on cue a small beed of blood oozed out of the left side hole. The right side remained completely bloodless. Just a tiny puncture hole.

In the early days I did countless experiments like these. I have a very curious nature and mostly I just wanted to see what would happen. Half the time I was blown away by the results. And although I certainly wouldn’t do this kind of stuff now, I’m really glad that I did do it.

Taking hypnosis to the stage

Once I'd built up my confidence, and enjoyed success hypnotising my work mates, I felt that it was time to move on to bigger things.

I approached a few local bars and asked if they'd be interested in hosting a stage hypnosis show. A stage hypnosis show! Now I was seriously outside of my comfort zone! Before I began using hypnosis, the thought of getting up on a stage was absolutely terrifying. I don't think I could even image a scenario more scary than having a room full of people all look at me as my voice boomed out over the speakers.

But I did it.

I carefully crafted the entire show all by myself.

I prepared my introduction and laced my 'call for volunteers' with several hypnotic language patterns and subliminal suggestions. I carefully arranged the seats on the stage, purposefully placing them too close so that I could instruct my volunteers to spread them out a little, subtly conditioning them to follow my orders without question. I slowly and deliberately delivered my induction, barely having to check my notes. It just flowed perfectly because I'd hypnotised myself over and over again to make sure that it did.

I crafted each suggestion to build on the last, forcing my volunteers to go deeper and deeper into trance with each carefully hand picked routine.

By the end of the night I felt amazing. I'd just performed a genuine hypnotic stage show to room full of complete strangers. The show was a huge success and I felt like a star! I also got paid a very handsome fee for the experience. It was without a doubt the proudest moment of my life so far.

Believe me when I say that this is something I never ever dreamed I'd be able to do. The only reason I could do it is because I used the exact same hypnotic skills that I'm going to teach you on myself.

After that first show there were many others. Each one just as exciting.

After the shows people would gather around to ask me questions about hypnosis. Without fail, every night I performed I'd get requests for a hypnotherapy session. Can you help me lose weight? Can you help me quit smoking?

I had no idea how to do any of this stuff. I hadn't even considered it. But finding out seemed like the logical next step.

I began studying hypnosis from a completely different angle.

It felt like her soul was saying thank you

Up to this point hypnosis had just been a bit of fun. It was an ego boost that made me feel special. It was something unusual that made me stand out from the crowd and that was all I ever wanted. But now it took on a whole new persona. It became a way to help people.

My first official hypnotherapy client was single mother that was battling serious health issues due to her smoking addiction.

I cured her addiction in one session, she paid my fee and I expected that would be that. I'd ventured into hypnotherapy as a business. I saw this as a profitable career move. Promoting my hypnotherapy clinic on the back of my stage shows and maybe even selling some CDs. I didn't want to work at McDonalds forever.

But something happened that really surprised me. In fact, two surprising things came out of that session, both very valuable but the first infinitely more valuable than I ever expected.

It was the feeling I got from helping her.

Up to this point hypnosis had been all about the ego. It made me feel powerful and special. But now I was feeling something completely new. It was a feeling in my heart that I'd never experienced before. A warm feeling. Like her soul was saying thank you to mine.

I realised back then that feelings are much more important than I'd ever given them credit. Think about it. We work our arses off all day in jobs we despise to earn enough money to buy something we want because we think it'll make us feel something. Of course it usually doesn't, so we work some more, make some more money and buy something else.

But 'stuff' very rarely makes us experience true feelings. Certainly not like the one I’d felt by helping this woman give up smoking. That's priceless. And I got that same feeling over and over again every time I helped a client overcome a problem.

I’m sharing these experiences with you because I want you to realise how much of an impact hypnosis is going to have on your life. It'll impact you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine, just as it has me, and the thousands of people that I've taught how to hypnotise over the past 20 plus years.

Before I move on, I just want to quickly touch on the other interesting surprise that come out of that first session.

When she came to me she brought a friend with her because she was worried about being hypnotised. Her friend was a smoker too, but she wasn't interested in giving up. She just sat there to make sure I didn't do anything I shouldn’t.

Now here's something really interesting. When you study hypnosis formally, one of the things you're told is that you can't help a client that doesn't want to be helped. In fact, when I later did a diploma in hypnosis (just to get a certificate for my clinic wall) one of the questions was how I'd deal with a client that came for a quit smoking session because their partner had nagged them to.

In answer to that question I wrote out the entire session and used up several sheets of paper detailing every nuance of the therapy. I got the answer wrong. And was 'told' that I should have said I couldn't help them because they didn't want to quit for themselves.

Of course I knew otherwise. Even though my clients friend was only there to 'hold her hand' the cigarette she smoked in my office as I chatted to her friend about what to expect from the session was the last one she ever smoked. So, take it from me, if a client comes to you asking for you to help them quit smoking, even if they don’t actually want to, just do it.

I’ve shared a few of my early experiences with you, in the hope that you feel inspired and want to try out some of these things yourself. But I haven’t yet told you about my very first hypnotic experience. I want to share that with you now because without it I wouldn’t be writing you this message today.

The first person I ever hypnotised

As I previously mentioned, the very first person I ever hypnotised was a friend of my sisters. His name was Mark. I met him during a skiing holiday in France.

This holiday was about 6 months into my hypnotic obsession so I made sure that I took plenty of hypnosis books to read while I was away.

Mark noticed what I was reading and asked if I would hypnotise him. Of course, at this point I’d never hypnotised anybody, I still wasn’t sure if I believed it was real. But I had put together a basic script and theoretically I knew enough to give it a go.

So, a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, I instructed Mark to close his eyes and I began slowly reading my script.

To my surprise he started to show signs that he was going into trance. His breathing slowed considerably, his lips parted slightly as his jaw relaxed and his mouth hung limp and loose. I even noticed that the skin across his brow appeared to soften and his face flushed a little as the muscles near the surface of his skin relaxed, allowing his blood to flow more freely.

These were all signs I was looking out for, but honestly didn’t expect to see.

I gave Mark some simple suggestions. I told him his hands were stuck together, then watched in disbelief as he struggled in vain to release them. I also told him to forgot a number, along with several other similar basic suggestions.

Even though he was responding to everything I said, I still didn’t believe it was real. I convinced myself that he was faking and started to feel like a fool. I half expected him to start laughing at me and tell me I was an idiot for thinking that hypnosis was real. Then something happened that completely changed my life…

Proof that hypnosis is real

I told Mark that with every breath he took he would become colder and colder. Within moments of my suggestion he began to shiver. Next, the tiny hairs on his arms all stood on end and his skin prickled up into goosebumps!

I was stunned.

He was having a full-on physical reaction to my suggestion. The temperature hadn’t changed at all but his body was acting as though it had. I’m fully aware that somebody can fake having their hands glued together or forgetting a number but faking goosebumps is something else entirely.

Next I switched my suggestion from cold to heat.

Again, within moments, his body reacted. The tiny hairs all lay back down, the goosebumps vanished, he face flushed bright red and he actually started to sweat.

Once again, I was stunned.

You simply can’t fake sweating. For me this was conclusive proof that hypnosis is real. And, for the very first time in my life I actually believed I could do it. I was doing it! It was amazing.

Self doubt is a huge obstacle when you first begin to learn hypnosis. Every student I’ve ever had thinks they’ll be the one that can’t do it, but then they do, and it’s an amazing feeling for them. Unfortunately, even after their first successful induction, many people continue to doubt themselves and look for ways to explain it away, the most common of which is that the volunteer was faking.

It’s for this reason that I strongly encourage you to copy my first induction. Give suggestions that get a response that can’t be faked. When you tell your volunteer it’s getting cold and they get goosebumps it’s pretty safe to assume it’s real.

The beginning of a life-time obsession

After hypnotising Mark my obsession sky-rocketed to a whole new level. Now that I knew it was real, and that I could do it, I wanted to know absolutely everything about hypnosis.

Much of what I read was out dated and useless, but even if I gleamed just one nugget of information from a book or course I knew that I would become a better hypnotist and to me, that’s all that mattered.

Obviously, I don’t expect you to do the same. I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending hours or even days reading a book that only teaches you one new technique, or in many cases nothing at all.

I’ve done all of the hard work for you and I’m very happy to share those hypnotic nuggets. My goal is to turn you into a competent and confident hypnotist, fast. You’re going to completely skip the learning curve and get right into the stuff that really works.

What you’re getting is exactly what I wish somebody had offered me when I first started out.

The birth of a very special book

As part of my growing obsession, I kept a journal of everything I discovered. My journal was an eclectic mishmash of stuff I’d learned from my studies and results I’d achieved from my own experiments.

Over time my journal evolved into a ‘how to’ guide to hypnosis. It was my bible. I put everything into it, and re-read it over and over again, constantly tweaking my scripts and trying out new things.

I never intended to share my journal with anybody, but one day I met a fellow hypnotist that was looking for ways to improve his skills. We met via eBay. I’d bought some hypnotherapy tapes from him that I wanted to study as I was beginning to shift into a more therapeutic direction. He was a clinical hypnotist who’d been operating a private clinic from his home for several years. He was interested in develop his skills for stage. So we were kind of passing each other from opposite ends of the same path.

When he asked me if I had any decent books on stage hypnosis I had to say no. I really didn’t. I’d read stacks of books about stage hypnosis, some that came very highly recommended, but I wasn’t impressed with any of them, especially those that suggested using chemical sprays and actors.

By chance, I mentioned my journal and he begged me to let him see it.

I hated the thought I losing the journal so I photocopied every page and mailed it out to him.

When it arrived he read the entire thing immediately. As soon as he’d finished he excitedly called me. He said that my journal was the best thing he’d ever read on stage hypnosis. He insisted that I had to publish it. He even made me feel guilty for keeping it hidden away and made me promise that I’d let other people read it too.

The journal was a mess. There was no way I could sell it, and I certainly wasn’t going to publish it.

What I decided to do instead was to fix it. I moved stuff around, giving it a more coherent structure and added whole new sections that I thought were lacking.

My goal was to transform my journal into a comprehensive how to guide for people that wanted to learn hypnosis. It was really important to me that even an absolute beginner, with no previous experience of hypnosis whatsoever, would be able to read the guide and successfully hypnotise people.

Originally the journal was just for me, so I’d left out things that I considered obvious, and I’d used lots of technical jargon that would make no sense to anybody that didn’t have experience in psychology.

I decided to completely rewrite it. I removed all of the jargon and made sure that I wasn’t leaving out any details, no matter how obvious I thought they were. I also gave myself a very strict rule, it had to be easy to read and understand.

Making hypnosis easy to learn

Most of the books I’d read on hypnosis were ridiculously convoluted. And that really annoyed me. It was as though the author didn’t really want to give away all of their secrets so they tried to over complicate simple things to appear superior and intelligent. I really pride myself on my ability to simplify complex subjects and if an average 10 year old school kid can’t understand my work then I consider it a failure.

Today, I’m going to give you the opportunity to get your hands on the finished product. The book that evolved from my journal and includes all of my secrets.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you won’t even have to wait for it to arrive because you’ll be able to download it in just a few seconds.

Your 'Ready-to-go' hypnosis script, just read it out!

Included with your book is that all important hypnotic induction script. All you need to do to hypnotise people is read it to them.

Just in case you’re worried about reading out the script, I’d like to reassure you that being a ‘bad reader’ isn’t going to be a problem. To be effective you need to read it really slowly. And leave lots of pauses. So you can simply read the next sentence quietly to yourself and practise saying it in your mind during a pause, then say it out loud to your volunteer. In fact, when you do this you develop a natural rhythm that compliments your volunteers breathing, and as you slow down, and begin leaving even longer pauses, you guide them into trance. This process is called ‘pacing and leading’ it’s just one of the techniques you’ll learn, it’s really easy to do and makes reading out the script much easier than it would be if you were to read it normally.

I mentioned earlier that you will learn to layer different hypnotic language patterns together. Reading out the script really slowly, and leaving rhythmic pauses, is one of those layers.

The power of layers

A brilliant hypnotist (Igor Ledochowski) that I admire greatly has a wonderful analogy that he uses to explain how these layers work.

Think of each layer as a pencil. Breaking one pencil is very easy. Just as resisting one hypnotic language pattern is very easy. But when you start to add more pencils it becomes increasingly difficult to break them. Get to 6 or 7 and it’s almost impossible. It’s exactly the same with hypnotic language patterns. The more you layer into your script the more powerful it becomes.

Of course, your ‘ready-to-go’ script takes care of all of this for you. It layers together several hypnotic patterns so you don’t even have to think about it. But I’ll also be teaching you each of these layers individually, so that you can start creating your own scripts, and even hypnotise people on the fly.

Right now all of this might sound a little overwhelming, but trust me, you’ll soon get the hang of it. You simply practise each layer one at a time until it becomes second nature. Remember how complicated it was when you first learned to drive? You had so many things to focus on and all of them demanded your conscious attention. Now you can drive completely automatically, and you’re free to focus on other things. It’s just the same when you hypnotise people. But much easier! However long it took you to learn to drive I completely guarantee that it’ll take you a lot less time to master hypnosis.

Of course, some people never learn to drive. If they want to get somewhere they just take a taxi. Think of your ready-made script as that taxi. If you just want to have some fun with hypnosis, but don’t want to learn how to do it yourself, just read out the script.

Obviously, my hope is that you take the time to study each of the layers and go on to become a master of your craft.

What my students think

It's much easier to learn hypnosis than you might expect. I can say this with confidence because I have successfully helped thousands of people, just like you, master hypnosis. A vast majority of my students are absolute beginners that have no experience whatsoever.

I’d like to quickly introduce to you to a couple of them now. We’ll meet more later.

This is Matt Tufte from Cottonwood in Arizona. Matt is a complete beginner, my book was the first book he ever read about hypnosis.

"Let me tell you something, this stuff works! I hypnotized my mom within 30 minutes and it was easy.

I relaxed her and went through the script, within minutes she had rapid eye movements. I told her to imagine walking through a calming forest and she now feels much better and much more confident.

I've also successfully hypnotized my brother and next I plan to get him to quit smoking.

This is awesome!"

Matt Tufte

Matt Tufte
Cottenwood, Arizona

Matt recently emailed me to tell me that he’s also successfully used hypnotic language patterns in normal conversations. By embedding subtle commands into a 'normal chat' he was able to influence his dad to cook dinner. That might not sound like much to me or you, but Matt says that his dad would never ever do something like this, so for him it was a real test of his new powers. Well done Matt!

Here’s a quick message from another student, Walter Post from Indiana. Unlike Matt, Walter had read plenty of books on hypnosis but he was struggling to get results. Within one week of reading my book he was able to hypnotise a friend.

"Your book 'How to Hypnotize' is in my opinion the best book in the market about the basics of Hypnosis.

Within a week of reading your book I was able to Hypnotize a friend. I have since read other books on the subject and they just don't measure up.

There is a lot of junk out there, but your book is the real deal.

Thank You"

Matt Tufte

Walter Post
Anderson, Indiana

The book that Matt and Walter are referring to is my trusty old journal. Well, the updated, re-written and re-structured version. It’s the same book that you’ll be able to download and start reading in just a few minutes.

Every now and then I get a student that isn’t a beginner. Lee Davis is already a professional stage hypnotist, but he thought he’d check out my book just to see if he could pick up anything new. This is what he had to say…

"As a fan of hypnosis, I've read many books, both introductory and advanced, and have found that they all lack the one thing that this e-book has:

Simple, easy to understand instructions that really work!

You can easily read this material and be hypnotizing people within the hour!

Highly recommended!"

Lee Davis

Lee Davis
Pprofessional stage hypnotist

Ben Lewis is a very accomplished close-up magician. He wanted to expand his repertoire by adding hypnosis to his act. As his review below reveals, Ben was able to hypnotize people using my 'ready-to-go' hypnosis script on his very first day...

"I found 'How to hypnotize' extremely useful. It had excellent information on hypnosis and how to use it.

I was hypnotizing people using Stevens excellent progressive relaxation script within one day."

Lee Davis

Ben Lewis
Professional close-up magician

Below I’ve included a few more comments from my students. Each of these people purchased the book that grew out of my trusty old journal. This is what they had to say after reading it and trying out my techniques…

"I was just as shocked as my subject when I successfully hypnotized her within minutes.

I didn't think it'd work and I'd be practicing for months!"

Daniel Stanton

"I successfully hypnotized my first subject using your book. He was hypnotized to a very deep trance and I was able to suggest he forgot his name and a number.

It is a great feeling to achieve this!!"

Richard Jackson

"I've always been fascinated with hypnosis but never imagined I would be able to do it.

When I read in your book about how simple it can be, I still didn't expect it to work, but it did!

I can't tell you how great this feels! You've opened up a whole new world that I only wish I'd discovered years ago!

Thank you so much."

Charles Hutt

"Excellent! Covers the subject from start to finish. I have seen others but in my opinion this is well in front.

Fantastic is an understatement!"

Dan Brookes

"While studying to become a qualified Hypnotherapist I found Stevens E-Book immensely useful, it blows away a lot of mysticism and explains the art of Hypnotism in a clear, logical and simplistic way.

Fully recommend this E-book to budding Hypnotists everywhere."

D. Bunning

Over and over again my students tell me how shocked they are when they try my techniques and they work. Many students have reported that they really struggled before reading my book, even though they’d read other books and in some cases, attended live workshops.

It astounded me that anybody could attend a live hypnosis workshop and still find it difficult. Hypnotising people is easy. But only if you are taught the correct way.

I’m almost completely self taught. As you know, I became utterly obsessed with hypnosis, read everything I could get my hands on and then practised and refined my techniques over time. I did crazy experiments just to see what would happen and often made up my own inductions that bore very little resemblance to anything I’d seen others doing.

My professional career began on the stage, but I later developed my skills and moved into hypnotherapy. Unlike most therapists I didn’t do any formal training. I was already enjoying a very successful career before I attained any qualifications.

My move into hypnotherapy began with hypnotising people that asked for my help after a stage show. I helped hundreds of people overcome their problems, but at this stage I’d had no formal training whatsoever. I didn’t have any certificates on my wall and I wasn’t qualified.

Different countries (and even different states) have different laws governing the use of hypnosis, but in England, back when I was practising from my home clinic, there was nothing. I’m pretty sure their still isn’t but if you want to open your own clinic please check on this first. I no longer run a clinic in England (because I moved to a warmer climate!), so I haven’t kept up to date on the latest regulations.

To me, results are what mattered. I wasn’t concerned with credentials. So long as it worked and my clients were happy, so was I.

My clients were obviously very happy. I never had to advertise my services. Initially my clients came from stage shows, but when I stopped doing the shows they all came from word of mouth. Whenever somebody new approached me it was always because I’d helped some friend of theirs and been highly recommended.

The reason that some people struggle to do hypnosis

Eventually, I decided that having some certificates on my clinic wall would look good. So I enrolled on several hypnosis diploma courses, started a night class in psychology and began attending healing workshops.

I was shocked at the lack of quality in the courses that I studied. And now I completely understood why many of my more experienced students had struggled before finding my book.

The diploma courses I attended were terrible. They were incredibly basic and left out dozens of key points that I considered essential for a successful induction. Most of these courses gave you an impressive certificate and letters after your name. I couldn’t believe that they could do this. When I looked into the accreditation process in more detail I discovered that there simple wasn’t one! There was no central governing body of education that vetted the quality of these diplomas at all.

The schocking truth about most hypnosis courses

Looking more deeply, I found that courses that said they were accredited by some impressive sounding institution were actually accredited by the same person that was selling the course! So they’d created a course, then created a school and used the school to accredit the course! I couldn’t believe it.

Much later, I even found one course where the entire study material was lifted directly from a short ebook that I’d written myself! The ebook was a really basic introduction to hypnosis that I’d been giving away from my website. I was more than happy for people to share it but I couldn’t believe that somebody had used it to create (and sell) an entire course.

Even when I enrolled on a more prestigious course and began to study psychology, I was stunned at the curriculum. We were learning ways to eliminate phobias, which is something that by this time I’d already been doing for several years. I takes one session to completely eliminate any phobia. It’s actually one of the easiest things to do. I didn’t develop the phobia cure, it’s a well known NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) technique from Richard Bandler. There are a couple of different versions to give you flexibility and I’ve also tweaked it a little to suit my style. It’s really easy to do, very very fast and very very effective. But, we didn’t study anything like that. We studied a bunch of out dated psychological techniques that just don’t work. They put the client through a huge amount of stress and in the very best of cases, after many long (and expensive) sessions, the client learns to deal with their phobia but it obviously still bothers them. My psychology professor hadn’t even heard of the NLP phobia cure, or anything else to do with NLP. Again I was shocked.

I couldn’t help but think of the other 30 or so students in the class room that were blindly absorbing this nonsense with no idea of how ineffective it was. They’d all probably go on to develop careers as psychologists and who knows how many patients they’d traumatise with ‘flooding’ and ’systematic desensitisation’ while not curing their condition at all, and charging them a very handsome fee week after week for nothing.

I rarely saw a client more than once. There was no need to. Even if they had a completely different problem to the one I’d fixed they still didn’t need to come back because I’d given them tools they could use on themselves to fix almost anything. They simply didn’t need to come back for a second visit. In fact, throughout my entire career as a hypnotherapist I always offered the guarantee that they’d be cured in one session or come back for free for as long as they needed. Nobody ever took me up on this offer but everybody recommended my services to friends.

Another really basic fundamental skill when you begin working with clients is eye accessing cues. A persons eyes move to specific locations depending on how they are thinking. You’ll learn all about this later, but very quickly, as an example, most right handed people look up and to their left when they remember something visually. Of course this isn’t the case for everybody but each person has a set pattern and it’s very easy to determine the pattern that your client uses with a few simple questions. When you understand this, it gives you a wealth of really valuable information. It helps you to gain rapport with the client, tells you when they are lying and gives you really powerful ways of overcoming objections if you’re trying to sell them something (more on this later).

My psychology course didn’t mention this at all. My professor hadn’t even heard of it. When I mentioned it and gave a few demonstrations to the class, my professor thought it was something I’d discovered myself and said that I should use it for my dissertation!

Bad hypnosis is destroying hypnosis

I really don’t like to put other people down or be negative about other peoples work but these are things that affect people and it’s just not right. Not only do bad courses make hypnosis seem much more difficult than it really is, they also produce bad therapists, which tarnish the reputation of something that could be incredibly valuable for humanity.

When a client goes to a bad hypnotist and doesn’t get cured they don’t think that the hypnotist is bad, they think that hypnosis is bad, and it becomes a worthless pursuit that’ll never help them achieve anything. Whereas in reality, a good hypnotist can totally transform their clients life and help them to effortlessly become their ultimate potential with zero limits and total confidence.

Aside of my eBay friend insisting that I publish my journal, one of the other things that really motivated me to do this was the hope that if I made a beginners guide to hypnosis some people that would have otherwise struggled and given up will use my book to master hypnosis and go on to have a very rewarding career helping, entertaining or teaching others.

I don’t want you to think that my stuff is the best. It isn’t. And I don’t want you to think that everything else is worthless, because it’s not. There are some truly amazing hypnotists out there that have created very worthwhile courses. But they are the exception, not the norm.

I will certainly help you to find these hidden gems and I’ll tell you which to avoid. As I said before, I don’t want you to waste years of your life studying out dated material that teaches you nothing. I want you to skip the learning curve and become a true master of hypnosis. I’ll guide you every step of the way, teaching you everything I can and introducing you to other truly great teachers that can help you to develop your skills in whatever area of hypnosis interests you the most.

This is one of the truly unique things about hypnosis. It covers such a wide variety of subjects and personally I find them all fascinating.

So far we’ve mentioned stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. But you can also study self hypnosis, hypnotic regression, hypnotic marketing, conversational hypnosis, rapid hypnosis, street hypnosis, hypnotic seduction… the list goes on!

I’ve dabbled with all forms of hypnosis. I’ve written books on most hypnotic subjects, and developed top selling courses. I use hypnosis a lot, in pretty much any situation, but I think that what I enjoy most of all is teaching other people how to do it.

A rising star

Several years ago I received an email from a 15 year old boy asking me some really encouraging questions about hypnosis. He was very keen to learn and extremely serious about becomming a hypnotist, so I replied, answering his questions and including a link for him to download my book.

This young lad was no other than Nathan Thomas, who has since gone on to develop many excellent hypnotic courses of his own. He is the founder of the International Association for Teenage Hypnotists and very well respected throughout the hypnotic community. Today, Nathan is considered to be one of the top hypnotists in the world. He continually strives to push hypnosis forward and has helped thousands of students, mostly teenagers, to become masters of hypnosis.

Seeing how much of an impact Nathan has had on the hypnotic community, and how many people he’s helped over the years makes me feel really proud. I’m obviously not solely responsible for his success but I certainly had a part to play.

Here is Nathan's review of my hypnosis training...

"Steven Hall's training program must be the first real hypnosis course I ever studied that didn't scoot over the vital parts, and actually taught me what I wanted to know.

Steve is great at explaining things, and has the rare skill of balancing detail and brevity, so you learn all you need to know quickly, and can begin applying what you learned immediately.

To any new hypnotists looking for a solid foundation, or even experts looking for some fresh ideas (Steve's full of them) and an interesting new perspective, I am very happy to recommend this course!"

Matt Tufte

Nathan Thomas
Founder of the International Association for Teenage Hypnotists

Making the world a better place

Remember when I said that stage hypnosis fuelled my ego, whereas hypnotherapy fuelled my heart? Well this is something similar, but on yet another scale. It makes you feel as though you’ve contributed something to the world. That after you’ve gone the world is a better place because you were here. That’s such a good feeling. It gives your life meaning and worth. I have many more plans for my future but I can confidently say that if I died tomorrow I’d be very happy with my life.

Even though you’re just starting out, remember that I was once where you are today, and so was Nathan.

Nathan always had big dreams, but I didn’t. I just wanted to have a bit of a laugh. Hypnosis has a knack of carrying you forward on to bigger and better things.

Nobody is too old to start learning hypnosis

If you're a little on the older side, you may be thinking that you've left it too late. As you know I was only 18 when I first started out on this journey, and Nathan was just 15! The youngest person to ever ask about hypnosis was only 11! He wanted to learn hypnosis so that he could hypnotize himself to make time go quickly at school, but slowly at home! Bless!!

In reality, anybody, at any age, can very quickly learn to master hypnosis. Many of my students stumble into my work in their retirement while looking for something interesting to do with all their free time.

I have no idea what stage of life you're at right now, or what you’d like to do with hypnosis but I can totally guarantee that where you end up will be a lot better than what you have in mind. And along the way you’ll probably help, entertain or teach many many others, leaving the world a better place because you were here.

The beginning of a very rewarding journey

Today, as you’re reading this message, I’d like you to think of this as the beginning of your journey. This is the start of your new life. It’s gonna be one heck of a journey and an incredibly rewarding life.

There are many things you can learn in life, but very few require absolutely nothing for you to do them. What I mean by this is that once you learn hypnosis all you need to do it is your voice. I guess in that respect it’s a little like being able to sing. I can’t sing at all. But I do play guitar, drums and piano. Of course, in order to do this I need to have my guitar, drums or piano with me. I also had to buy them and I could obviously lose them if my home was burgled or I had a fire.

Learning hypnosis isn’t like this. Once you’ve learned how to do it it’s a skill you’ll have for life. Even in the early days, if you rely on a script, it’s no trouble at all to keep a copy on you, or to print out a new one if the original gets lost. It’s certainly a lot easier than dragging a piano around just incase you want to play somebody a song!

Being a hypnotist is a skill you get to keep for life. It’s a very valuable and very marketable skill. You can get paid for entertaining or helping people. You can use it to improve your own life and you can even use it discreetly to get special treatment, such as being upgraded on flights, getting out of a traffic ticket, skipping lines or securing a pay rise.

Hypnosis is rewarding in many ways. We’ve talked about a few of these and I hope that my experiences have made you realise just how much of an impact this is going to have on your life.

Using hypnosis to make money

Obviously, money is a big part of everybody’s life. You can use hypnosis to make a lot of money. Either directly, by selling your hypnotic skills as a therapist, entertainer or trainer or indirectly, by using hypnotic language patterns to influence people to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Hypnotic marketing is a fascinating area of hypnosis. Many years ago I wanted to write a book on this subject, but I didn’t feel properly qualified to do so. I certainly knew what I was going to say, and I knew that the book would help people become much more effective at selling but I didn’t have any practical experience of selling anything.

So, rather than write about something I’d never actually done, (which I think is criminal) I decided to take a job in sales and test out my techniques in the real world.

I found a job as a mortgage advisor and insurance salesman that was 100% commission based. I called the number in the advert and arranged an interview. During my interview I didn’t try to hide my intention, I was very open about it. When asked why I wanted the job I said that I was a hypnotist and wanted to test out my hypnotic sales techniques before writing a book on it. The guy that was interviewing me would become my future boss, and the more money I made, the more money he made. So when I told him my my plan I could almost hear the ‘Ka-ching!’ and see the dollar signs rolling into his eyes like a slot machine.

Needless to say, I got the job.

The first couple of months were a disaster. I wasn’t qualified to see clients on my own so I had to stick to the companies script while under the watchful eye of my supervisor. I never sold a single thing. The script wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t me. It tried to scare people into buying insurance and that’s not my style. One day, on the way back to the office after yet another failed meeting my supervisor told me that I had to paint a graphic image in the clients mind of the hearse backing up their driveway with the corpse of their recently deceased loved one hanging out the back. The entire script was so negative and full of fear mongering. I hated it.

Thankfully, once I’d passed the required exams, I was legally allowed to see clients on my own. I immediately ditched the companies script.

I prefer a more positive approach. I painted a scene in my clients mind of the future they would be creating for themselves when they decided to take up my offer.

I peppered my talk with plenty of hypnotic language patterns. All of which you’re going to learn. I watched their eye accessing cues carefully to determine how they were thinking and changed my language accordingly to gain instant rapport. Sometimes I had to keep switching my language because a husband and wife were using different patterns. I overcame their objections by switching modalities (another trick you’ll learn later) and I used a technique called anchoring to get them to associate the word ‘yes’ to the click of my Parker pen (which proved incredibly useful when we were talking about additional benefits that they might like to add to their policy).

What I was basically doing is layering several powerful hypnotic patterns into a completely normal conversation. And as a result, almost every client signed up for a policy.

A little word on ethics here. I never sold anything to a client that they didn’t need or that they couldn’t afford. And I never influenced a person to buy anything that I didn’t believe in. It’s easy to make a lot of money with hypnosis while keeping your clients best interest at heart. These techniques are very powerful. Please don’t ever use them to take advantage of people. You really don’t need to. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, then sell something else!

My experience as an insurance salesman was relatively short lived. The job was 100% commission so I made a ridiculous amount of money, but it really wasn’t something I enjoyed. It was just research for my book. Nothing more.

I stayed with the company for a little under a year. In that time, from the moment I passed my exams and started using my own scripts, I consistently broke the companies sales records. Each month I sold more policies and broke my own record over and over again.

Hypnosis sells far better than fear!

I was competing against hardened sales veterans that had been selling insurance for almost half a century. These guys knew all of the tricks in the book. They had a carefully scripted answer to every objection you can imagine. They were masters at scaring the hell out of people and mentally beating them into submission to secure the sale.

Scare tactics definitely work, if you’re the kind of person that can pull that stuff off. But the sale doesn’t always stick. Every policy had a cooling off period. It’s incredibly hard to resist buying when you have some bully sitting in your living room making you feel worthless for not protecting your family, but it’s very easy to cancel that policy once they’ve gone.

I had a different approach, I used my hypnotic skills to reframe the clients mind so that they actually wanted the policy. Sure I threw in a few little extras, like the pen click, but I always made sure that the buying decision was something my client was really happy with, so they wouldn’t cancel the policy the moment I was out of the door.

Just like me, you can use hypnotic language to improve your sale skills too. Maybe you fancy the idea of working a commission based job and using your skills to boost your income.

Again, these are just suggestions of possible directions that you might take hypnosis in the future. I want to give you food for thought and open up your perception of what’s possible. As I said before, hypnosis is a vast subject that can help you in many different ways.

What special skill or ability do you want?

Think of an area of your life that you’d like to improve. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to think of somebody that already has a skill that you’d like to develop. Hypnosis can get that skill for you. Whatever you do it’s easier to do with the help of hypnosis.

Nailing a killer guitar solo in just 30 minutes

A friend of mine that also plays guitar was having a lot of trouble learning a solo. It was just too fast for his fingers and no matter how many times he practised he couldn’t get it.

I’d never hypnotised him before but this seemed like a good opportunity to show him what hypnosis could do. I put him into a trance, and got him to image that he was inside the body of a guitarist that he really admired. This process is called ‘modelling’, you can use it to learn anything.

I then talked him through the scene as his hero played the piece over and over again, getting faster and faster and hitting every note perfectly. My friends fingers were twitched wildly as I guided him through the process. Every time he repeated the solo his subconscious mind was laying down a muscular memory within his physical body that would help him to play the piece in real life.

The session lasted no more than 30 minutes, but when I woke my friend he picked up his guitar and completely nailed the entire solo. Note for note, it was perfect!

That’s the power of hypnosis, just 30 minutes of hypnosis enabled him to nail a solo that’d been giving him grief for months.


Hypnosis will change your life

Maybe there’s a skill that you’d like to master? Imagine how much time you’ll save by using hypnosis as you learn. They really should teach this stuff in school!

Of course, there are also things that we’d all love to do but for one reason or another we’re too scared to even try. Hypnosis can help with that too. As I said before, one of my biggest fears growing up was stage fright. Without hypnosis there’s no way I would have been able to perform in front of an audience. And as you know, my very first show was one of the proudest moments of my life. It’s crazy how a fear of public speaking almost caused me to miss out on that experience, and the incredibly rewarding career that I developed off the back of it.

Think about your fears. How are they holding you back? What experiences, successes or achievements have they robbed you of so far? If you could have pushed a button 5 years ago that immediately removed all fears and phobias where might your life be right now?

Where could you life be in 5 years if you push that button today?

Hypnosis offers you this opportunity in a way that almost nothing else can. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs might be, you’re here now, having a human experience on a physical planet that has unlimited opportunities for you to experience and enjoy. Pick one and make it happen. Make your life something to be proud of. Make you life an adventure, so you can look back with a big smile and forward with an excited heart.

It's time for you to become a hypnotist

I’ve talked a lot about how hypnosis will improve your life. Now it’s time to get started.

Today, I am offering you the opportunity to download the book that was once my trusty journal. This book contains everything you need to get started. It includes the word for word script that you can simply read out to put people into trace as well as the complete script analysis, so that you can understand how it all works.

The book also covers each of those layers I talked about. Which you can study one at a time.

Simple steps that'll transform you into a master hypotist

What I’d like you to do, is to create your very own hypnotic induction script. Just a very basic script to being with that is only one layer deep. (Don't worry I will show you how.)

Read out your script as though you are hypnotising somebody until you are really comfortable and familiar with it. You don’t have to do this with another person, just do it on your own. You might also like to record yourself and listen back to it. Doing this will really help you to fine tune your script, making it more and more powerful.

Next, just pick any one of the hypnotic language patterns and go back through your script layering your new pattern on top.

To give you an example of how this works, one hypnotic language pattern is called a ‘linguistic bridge’. This is simply a linking word (such as ‘and, makes, while, causes’ etc.) that you use to link two short sentences together. When you do this, it makes the second sentence much more powerful.

So, let’s imagine that you have the following two sentences in your basic script, ‘You are listening to the sound of my voice. You feel comfortable and relaxed.’ If you link these together with one of those linguistic bridges the ‘you feel more comfortable and relaxed’ part becomes more powerful, causing your client to feel even more comfortable and relaxed.

So you now have something like this, ‘You are listening to the sound of my voice and you feel comfortable and relaxed.’

That tiny change has already improved your script, making it more effective. And wasn’t it easy?

Once you’ve added linguistic bridges throughout your entire script, practise reading it again. Get familiar with your updates and read it out loud over and over until it feels really comfortable and natural.

Each time you do this you are developing your hypnotic language. In time, you’ll notice these layers creeping into your everyday conversations and as a result, you’ll become much more successful at getting what you want.

Next, pick another language pattern and layer that one through. Keep repeating this process until you’ve used up all of the patterns. What you’ll end up with is your very own hypnotic induction script that’s more powerful than those being used by 99% of all professional hypnotists. I know that sounds crazy because you’re just a beginner, but it’s true. Most hypnotists don’t even think about this stuff. They just keep regurgitating a basic script that they learned years ago. The concept of layering down new language patterns wouldn’t even enter their mind.

I want you to become a master of hypnosis, so you’ll be taking full advantage of every hypnotic trick in the book.

Because I began my journal when I was primarily focused on stage hypnosis, it goes on to teach you everything you need to know to put on your very own hypnotic stage show. And, as I said before, I left nothing out. Not only does it cover the hypnotic side of the event, but also the practical considerations, such as the equipment you’ll need, how to present yourself, and stage craft essentials that make you look professional.

I’ve also included a selection of sample routines for you to try out, and ordered them so that each one deepens the trance state and elevates your show to its ultimate climax.

Your guide begins with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis whatsoever. Its primary objective is to get you to the point where you are confidently and competently able to hypnotise people with ease.

Next, it focuses on the practical things that you need to know. It explores the dangers of hypnosis. Guiding you in ways that keep you and your volunteers safe. It gradually builds to the point where you will have the skills and confidence necessary to perform a stage hypnosis show to the paying pubic. I’m not saying that you have to put on a show, it’s just one direction that you might like to take hypnosis. These skills can easily be used in any area of hypnosis so what you ultimately decide to do, is entirely up to you.

Here’s a very quick breakdown of what’s included in your guide, so you know exactly what to expect.

  • Complete word for word induction script - To hypnotize people simply read out the script!
  • Step by step script breakdown - A complete analysis of the induction script, explaining how and why it works
  • How to perform Rapid Hypnosis - Very impressive induction that take SECONDS!
  • How to deliver hypnotic suggestions - Discover how to give your hypnotic suggestions so that your volunteers obey your command
  • How to safely wake people from hypnosis - The 'proper' way to bring people back up from hypnosis and what to do if they don't wake up when you say so!
  • Trance Deepening Routines - You'll want to use these on all of your volunteers immediately after inducing trance to lead them into a much deeper state
  • *Click, and 'SLEEP!' - How to get people back into trance by clicking your fingers!
  • Stage Craft Tips - Valuable stage craft and equipment tips to guarantee your show runs smoothly
  • Picking the right people - How to select the very best (and most entertaining) volunteers for your show
  • plus much much more... Everything you need to go from knowing absolutely nothing about hypnosis to confidently performing successful stage hypnosis shows!

As I say, even if you don’t want to venture onto the stage, the language patterns that you’ll learn in your guide can be used in a therapeutic environment or during normal conversation. This is the fundamentals of what makes hypnosis work. Whatever direction you decide to go, think of this as a foundation upon which you’ll later build your career.

The value of hypnosis

The value that hypnosis adds to your life is immeasurable. I can’t think of any other skill that gives you so much value. I use it in every area of my life and becoming a hypnotist is without a doubt the best decision I ever made.

I’m excited for you because I know better than anybody how your decision to become a hypnotist today will impact your future. This is the beginning of the most rewarding journey you’ll ever take. It truly is a turning point in your life, which opens up many doors, many possibilities and many rewarding experiences.

You can download your beginners guide to hypnosis immediately. It only takes a few seconds to download and you’ll be reading it in less than a minute. If you want to, you can even use my script to hypnotise somebody tonight.

For a very long time, the cost of the guide has been set at $47 USD, and it has always sold incredibly well. But I’d love even more people to buy it. I’d be delighted if everybody used hypnosis, or at least had access to somebody that does. Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place if we all lived our ultimate potential?

So, to make it even more affordable, so that absolutely nothing stands in your way of becoming a hypnotist, I’m reducing the cost to just $37. I think that’s an investment that’s definitely affordable for everybody and a very fair price for the value that you’re about to receive.

That value will pour into you life from every angle. Since learning hypnosis, I’ve risen to the top of every job I’ve ever had. This alone has a huge impact on your earnings, and looks great on your CV. The last job I did was the mortgage advisor and insurance rep position that I took to research my hypnotic marketing book. That was back in 2003. When I left that job I never got another. I didn’t need to. I was earning more than enough money from my various hypnotic projects.

So since 2003, just a few days after my 29th birthday, I’ve always considered myself retired. What I do now I’d happily do for free. When I first started to study hypnosis it wasn’t to make money, it was for fun, to have a laugh and maybe improve my life a little. I never expected that hypnosis would become my primary income, but it did. I remember telling my mother that I was going to quit work. I said that it was pointless going any more, now that my hobby was making more money than my job. I’d much rather spend my life doing all of the things that people usually put off because their job gets in the way. I didn’t want to wait until my 60’s to start living, I wanted to start while I was still young. My hobby gave me the skills, confidence and money to make that shift. I quit my job and never looked back.

Hypnosis can do this for you too. You don’t have to copy me exactly, but you can certainly use hypnosis to make a lot of money. Like me, you can use hypnosis to catapult your life out of the rat-race. Like me, you can start living the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted, but never dreamed would be in your grasp. Today it is. This is the beginning of your future. Don’t let it go, grab it!

Option 2 - The 'Better' Option

Before you place your order, I want to offer you an opportunity to upgrade. This guide isn’t the only one I’ve written. It was the first, and it stands alone very well. It truly is all that you need, but if you’re anything like me, it’s not all that you want!

I want it all. If there’s a more powerful technique or trick I can add to my hypnotic tool box then I need to have it!

My second guide to hypnosis is still very beginner friendly but it explores far more advanced techniques. It gives you additional language patterns that you can layer into your induction, and delves much more deeply into this fascinating subject.

It’s called ‘Making Hypnosis Simple - The easy way to master advanced hypnosis.’

This guide is a detailed step-by-step exploration of advanced hypnotic language patterns written specifically for beginners.

Below I have included a brief summary of the guide for you, so that you know if this is something that you’d like to add to your order…

  • Advanced hypnotic language patterns in easy to practice 'bite-size' chunks that anyone can understand.
  • How to create powerful life changing hypnotic suggestions for any situation.
  • How to totally transform even the most basic hypnotic induction into hypnotic dynamite by layering language patterns.
  • How to 'trick' the subconscious mind into obeying your command.
  • How to construct your own hypnotic scripts.
  • Plus much much more... Everything you need to master advanced hypnosis quickly and easily!

I never used to offer this guide as an upgrade, I used to sell it from my website as a stand alone ebook for $47 USD.

Today, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to add it to your existing order for just $10. This takes you total investment to $47, which is the original cost of each guide. So it’s almost as though you’re getting your upgrade for free.

To help you decide if you want to add this guide to your order, below I have included a selection of comments from previous students that purchased it from my website for $47.

"I have found your book amazing. I have used my wife as a subject and have had wonderful results. I have also hypnotized my wife’s mother to help her relax, very successfully so far. I really can't praise your book enough. Thank you!"

Brendan Hughes

Like many of my students, Jean-Davis (review below) had read lots of other books but was still really struggling. Being able to simplify complex subjects is something I know I'm good at. It's something I've always been able to do really well. I believe that this is the secret to my success as a teacher, and the reason that many of my students are only able to hypnotize people after discovering my work.

"Since I started to learn hypnosis (last year), I read almost a dozen books on the subject but none of them seemed to be made for beginners like me. It's only when I came across your book that I could finally get a clear idea of hypnosis as a complete and fluid whole.

Moreover, I found inside the book the most comprehensive instructions I could find about such seemingly complex subjects as embedded commands or linguistic bridges.

Thanks Steven: you made these principles far simpler than I thought they were, and I'm having a lot of fun practicing them!"


Like Jean-Davis, Doctor Valenti also commented on how easy it is to understand my work. As I say, making things simple enough for anybody to fully grasp, while still covering all of the complex essentials is one of the most valuable skills that any teacher can have. It really does make learning easy.

"The most comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand book on hypnosis by far. It's simplicity and impact taught me the fundamentals and a working knowledge of hypnosis the first time I sat down with it. Thanks!"

Dr. C. Valenti

Deborah (below) is a lot more experienced that most of my students. She has always been fascinated with hypnosis and has even designed her own scripts. I think it's important for new students to read feedback from more people like Deborah (and professional stage hypnotist Lee Davis that we met earlier). These guys are already way beyond the basics. If they're impressed, you know it's good stuff!

"I have a life-long fascination with hypnotism: I've read many books, even designed scripts for self-hypnosis. I'm very impressed with your material. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and consideration."

Deborah Lane

If you’d like to take advantage of this upgrade, then your investment is just $47. You’ll be able to download both guides immediately.

I hope that $47 is affordable for you, it certainly is amazing value and an offer you shouldn’t miss if it’s within your budget. But, if $47 is beyond your limits, then you can still order my beginners guide for just $37. And I know that you’ll be absolutely delighted either way.

Option 3 - The 'BEST!' Option

I think in every offer there should be what I like to call a 'No-Brainer' option. Well, this is mine. I would like to offer you one final upgrade. I want to make sure this is something that you will feel completely delighted with so I'm going to really REALLY over deliver. I'm going to do my best to keep this option affordable too. For me, that's the only way to do business.

Please read on to discover what I've prepared for you, I think you'll be very impressed!

First up...

Hypnotic Marketing - How to sell with hypnosis

To begin your 'BEST!' upgrade, I'd like to offer you the opportunty to add some very valuable information to your order. You now have the chance to download my exclusive guide to hypnotic marketing.

Hypnotic Marketing

This is your ONLY chance to discover these hypnotic sales secrets.
I do not sell this guide anywhere outside of this special offer.

As you know, back in 2003 I took a job as a mortgage advisor and insurance salesman just to test out the techniques that are covered in this guide. As a direct result of using those techniques I smashed the companies sales records over and over, beating seasoned sales veterans that had pre-scripted answers to every objection a prospect could throw at them… even though I had absolutely zero sales experience.

This guide reveals secrets that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. By applying these techniques in a sales environment you’ll get the edge on your competition and secure sales that stick, transforming any prospects into a happy customer that wants to buy your product.

If you intend to use these techniques to increase your sales then I urge you to do so ethically. If you don’t truly believe in the product you’re selling, then stop right now and find something else that you can sell with your head held high.

Ready for more?

Hypnotising people is really cool. But you know what’s cooler?

Hypnotising people in SECONDS!

The next guide I’d like to add to your order is an exposé on the most exciting and dynamic area of hypnosis… RAPID HYPNOSIS.

Rapid Hypnosis Exposed

This guides reveals the most cloasely guarded secrets of rapid hypnosis. You'll discover the most dynamic and impressive hypnotic inductions used for stage hypnosis shows as well as mind-control street techniques used by metalists like Derren Brown and David Blane.

  • Step-by-step detailed instructions showing exactly how and why rapid hypnosis works.
  • discover the secrets used by top TV mentalist Derren Brown, and how he got a cashier to pay out on a losing ticket at the races!
  • discover simple ways to deepen the trance state quickly and easily.
  • I'll show you a simple technique that you can use in any situation to make yourself instantly feel UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE!
  • Discover the secret techniques to hypnotise people in SECONDS!

Something just for you...

We’re not done just yet, now I have something just for you.

You can do a lot for other people with hypnosis, entertain them, fix their problems… even subtly influence them to buy your products, but what about you?

How would you like to quickly and easily remove all of the blocks that are stopping you from becoming your ultimate potential?

Do you have any fears or phobias? Any bad habits? Perhaps you’d like to be more productive and motivated, or even just happier.

Maybe there’s a special skill or talent that you’d like to learn or something you already do that you’d like to do better.

You can do all of this with ease (and much more!) when you take advantage of self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis

I didn’t write this guide. I bought it many years ago, read it and was very impressed with it. If I had written a guide on self hypnosis it would be just like this one.

I was so impressed by this guide, that I contacted the original author and purchased a resellers license, granting me permission to offer it to you.

Here’s a quick look inside…

  • Ready to use scripts to help you quit smoking, lose weight or increase your confidence.
  • Step by step, how to eliminate bad habits, effortlessly!
  • Goal setting strategies that keep you motivated adn focussed, while eliminating procrastination.
  • How to access the knowledge and insights of your subconscious mind
  • How to boost your self image, so you look and feel like a new you.

Below is an email I received from one of my students that purchased this guide from my site. (As you can see from his unedited review, he thought that I wrote it!)

Hi Steven

Before I knew about your products, I was so dragged down by seemingly everything in life. I had money trouble, family problems, health problems, you name it. I always had the "woe is me" attitude. Additionally I was basically killing my self with my horrible smoking habit. A smoking habit that was slowly ruining my career as a Broadway musician/trumpeter.

When I found your site, it seemed as if you had something that may help, but I was very skeptical. I have tried attending group hypnotic sessions to quit smoking, but I quickly learned that the only thing I learned to quit doing, was to quit wasting my money on these useless sessions. I have also tried various audio hypnosis tapes etc but nothing ever worked. So I'm sure you understand my skepticism.

I had my doubts but I thought to myself, "What the heck, can't hurt to try." So I purchased your guide to self hypnosis. I have to say, I was blown away at how effective your program was.

Because of your books, I no longer smoke, I no longer take depression medications, and I am very optimistic about life in general.

The best part is, I didn't have to pay hundreds to someone else in order to change these negatives in my life... I did it all by myself in the privacy of my own home!

I highly recommend your products to anyone who thinks there is no way out. In fact, I even recommend it to those who may not even have problems... it aids in relaxation, sleep and improves quality of life in general.

I see it like a daily vitamin I take to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Thanks again for helping me improve my life!

Sebastian Singleton, Broadway Musician

I love this review. Sebastian has really hit the nail on the head when he said…

“I see it like a daily vitamin I take to stay mentally and physically healthy.”

That’s just so awesome! I’d never thought about self hypnosis this way before, but it’s such a perfect description.

Sebastian’s wise words really inspired me. Now I use hypnosis every single day.

Every morning when I wake up, before I even open my eyes, I relax in my bed and run through a simple self hypnosis session to ensure that I have a spectacular day. It really is like taking a daily vitamin for your mind. I love it!

Be your own therapist

Another thing that Sebastian said that is that he fixed all of his problems himself. It’s incredibly empowering to do this, and much cheaper than paying a professional!

Remember when I said that I only ever saw my hypnotherapy clients once? This is the reason. When a new client came to me I fixed their problem first, then taught them self hypnosis, so they could fix any future problems themselves.

Just think about the value of that for a moment…

This is a tool that you’ll be able to use to fix any problem you ever have, for the rest of your life. OR, if you don’t have any problems that need fixing, it’s a tool that you’ll be able to use to improve your life in any way you see fit… FOREVER!

Imagine how much money you will save by using this guide. And how much better your life will be because of it. When, like me, you follow Sebastian’s example and use self hypnosis every single day (like a vitamin for your mind) you get an astonishing amount of value. Your life will be completely transformed, and you’ll have done it all by yourself!

FREE access to my hypnosis video course

I’m going to give you free access to my comprehensive online hypnosis course. Your free access covers the entire course, you will never have to pay a penny.

The course consists of 33 video lessons covering every aspect of hypnosis. You’ll receive one lesson each day (via email) for the next 33 days. Each video will build on your hypnotic skills transforming you into a true master of your craft.

The videos are approximately 20 minutes long, and feature me teaching or demonstrating a new aspect of hypnosis each day. Being able to actually see and hear me do it is such a valuable tool. All you need to do is watch and copy.

This course usually sells for $197. But I’ve now removed it from sale completely. The only way to get it is to opt for the 'BEST!' upgrade option AND place your order today.

If you come back to place your order tomorrow this special offer will not be available.

The video lessons are very informal, you’ll feel as though you’re sitting here with me, at my home, as I guide you through each step and teach you absolutely everything you need to know.

This is what we'll cover in each lesson...

  • Lesson 1 - Why hypnosis works
  • Lesson 2 - Hand locking demonstration
  • Lesson 3 - Hand locking explained
  • Lesson 4 - Your role as a hypnotist
  • Lesson 5 - Hypnosis and relaxation
  • Lesson 6 - Brainwave entrainment
  • Lesson 7 - Linguistic bridges
  • Lesson 8 - Confusion
  • Lesson 9 - Engaging modalities
  • Lesson 10 - Cheating statements
  • Lesson 11 - Embedded commands
  • Lesson 12 - How to deliver the induction
  • Lesson 13 - Trance deepeners
  • Lesson 14 - Signs of trance
  • Lesson 15 - Wake up script
  • Lesson 16 - Distractions
  • Lesson 17 - Dangers of hypnosis
  • Lesson 18 - Attention
  • Lesson 19 - How hypnotherapy works
  • Lesson 20 - Quick and easy trance deepeners
  • Lesson 21 - Golden rule 1 - Positive focus
  • Lesson 22 - Golden rule 2 - Selling the change
  • Lesson 23 - Golden rule 3 - Present tense
  • Lesson 24 - Breaking the rules
  • Lesson 25 - Perception and emotion
  • Lesson 26 - Abreaction
  • Lesson 27 - Modeling
  • Lesson 28 - Modality preferences
  • Lesson 29 - Adjusting sub-modalities
  • Lesson 30 - Fast phobia cure version 1
  • Lesson 31 - Fast phobia cure version 2 + demo
  • Lesson 32 - Rapid hypnosis demonstration
  • Lesson 33 - Rapid hypnosis explained

Cure any phobia in minutes!

In lessons 30 and 31 I show you how to do both versions of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure. Most practitioners don't know how to do either of these. They are still using psychological techniques like Flooding and Systematic Desensitization.

Flooding is basically putting your client in such an overwhelming scary situation that they kind of 'snap' and suddenly 'get over it'. Systematic Desensitization is a process where you gradually keep moving your client closer and closer to the object they fear while reassuring them that everything is OK.

Both of these techniques are extremely stressful for the client and even when done correctly they can end up making the phobia worse. They only work in some cases and when they do it takes months of sessions. When 'successful' they usually leave a client able to handle the situation but still very uncomfortable about it.

The NLP Fast Phobia Cure works in one session. And your client is completely cured of their phobia.

Very few hypnotists use the NLP Fast Phobia Cure, even fewer are even aware that there are two versions. I much prefer the second version, it's much easier to do and far more effective. This is the version that hardly anybody knows.

I explain both versions in step by step detail. And I provide you with a full audio recording of me performing the second version of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure on a client. You get to hear everything, from the moment the client enters my clinic all the way to the end of the session.

The client came to me with a crippling fear of thunderstorms. We only met once and the entire session lasted about an hour. That very night there was a huge thunderstorm that would normally make her fear for her life. But this time everything was different, she sent me a text to let me know she was sitting out in her garden watching, and loving, the storm!

You can cure ANY phobia like this. It's not stressful at all for your client and it works in just one session. It's a great way to help people and a very easy way to develop a lucrative career as a hypnotist specializing in curing phobias.

Fast phobia cure on London Underground

The Fast Phobia Cure is so quick and easy to do that I once used it on a complete stranger on the tube. I over heard two women chatting about their stop. One was scared to use the lift and was insisting her friend take the stairs.

I introduced myself and said that I specialized in curing phobias. She agreed to let me give her a quick demonstration and I was able to completely eliminate her phobia before we reached her stop. That's how easy this is! One quick session on a busy tube train (in front of lots of very impressed onlookers) was all it took to free her from a phobia that had affected her entire life.

You'll be able to do this too. And if you're thinking that you'd never be able to do something like this as it'd be too embarrassing or you wouldn't have the confidence, then think again. That's the old you! Remember, you can use hypnosis on yourself to get that confidence and you'll easily be able to do a lot more than you ever dreamed possible.

Remove your own phobias too

You can use the fast phobia cure on yourself too. I used in to eliminate my phobia of heights as I was about to board a hot air balloon. I did the entire process in my head while waiting for the balloon to fully inflate. It took about five minutes. In that short time I went from having jelly legs, a heavy stomach and dry mouth to feeling seriously excited about the flight. I'd been scared of heights for as long as I could remember but was able to completely remove my fear in minutes.

It's such a valuable and rewarding skill to have. Not only for your clients, or for yourself but also for unexpected situations like the woman on the tube. How many times have you sat on a plane next to a stranger that's clutching the arm rest with white knuckles during take off? Next time you'll be able to help them, or at least give them your number to arrange a later session. They don't even have to come to see you in person, it even works over the phone.

Free hypnosis course student comments

Below are a selection of comments from previous students that have completed the free online course. I recieve hundreds of emails about the free course. I beleive that the video format really helps my students to fully understand the prcoess, you just watch me and copy what I do. The videos make it easy, while the ebooks are perfect for more indepth study.

Hello Steve,

I want to thank you for the amazing hypnosis lessons that you have provided me and many others with. The way you teach and explain each term is totally amazing. It is as if you know what a beginner in hypnosis requires and you are providing him with that.  I had searched the entire length and breadth of the internet for hypnosis lessons that fulfilled my curiosity by explaining everything in a step by step manner.

When I found your videos, it was as if man had just found God. In the end, I will say that- Steve, you just made a fan in India.

A great admirer of your work,
Harshit Raj

Hi Steven,

The free lessons were great and really helped to renew some things I'd been taught but forgotten. It was a privilege to have taken the class. I hope we can stay in touch.

Steven Roe

Hi Steve,

My name is Bobby Lay and this is probably the 1st time I have responded to anything on-line. I think your free lessons are great and I am very thankful for the instruction.

I have always been interested in hypnosis or at least since I was much younger. I am now 54 and started searching through the Internet and somehow came across your web site.

I have seen other web sites selling certification classes and have watched many hours of videos of how hypnosis works and how to hypnotize someone. Your videos are by far the best I have seen and yours are free.

I just finished lesson 21 and can not wait for tomorrows lesson. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
Bobby Lay

Hi Steve,

The lessons are amaziinnngg!!!! I love them all!!! It's great that you are taking this step by step! Today I hypnotized a friend and made them believe I enhanced their memory power. It works beautifully. I'm using some NLP with my hypno sentences and they work like magic!

Thank you, I appreciate your master work. I love hypnosis and I cant wait to do some stage shows!!

Mazen Al Zoor

I have been studying hypnotherapy for about 12 months and have been a little bewildered at the amount of information and misinformation that abounds on the subject.

There are people online offering courses who seem to be academically accredited, some even have impressive initials behind their names such as BA. This could lead the reader to believe that the person offering a course has been educated up to degree level with a Bachelor of Arts but if you read deeper and do more research will find that Hypnotism and or hypnotherapy is not accredited by any government educational body and you do not need a licence to practice.

There are no university degree courses in the subject. There is no BA in hypnotism and the abbreviation in this case meant ‘British Association’. Was the term ‘BA’ suffixed to a name to deceive? Who knows.

It would seem that the best hypnotist are people that excel in communication and have a background in phycology, NLP and other related subjects.

I took to YouTube to learn more and that is where I came across video lectures/lessons by Stephen Hall. I have never seen any better content and the best bit is that it was free.

The thing that most impressed me about Stephen was that he was unafraid to demonstrate by using the viewer as a subject! Whatever level you are at I would highly recommend Stephen Hall as one of the best that I have seen to date. Stephen is also very approachable and I have already gained from his input and advice.

Paul Mel


Thanks a million for the free course videos. I attended a Workshop and this is a good reminder.

I am looking forward to the more advanced techniques in the coming days.


The explanation of the hand sticking exercise is really interesting, highlighting the language used and the actions that the hypnotist does to gain the required response.

I really like the car analogy with the driving instructor telling you how to drive the car and where to go.  That explains the role of the hypnotist really well.

You have immense knowledge and skill, not to mention confidence and enthusiasm and I am looking forward to working with you through this course.  I especially liked the 'get out' if the sticking doesn't work as I think it is important for people to have that peace of mind that they cannot be made to do something against their better judgment.

Thank you so much for putting this course together.
Val Charman

Thank you very much sir, for your free hypnotic lessons. I am a pain healer practicing dynamic touch drugless pain healing therapy.

Your free lessons have been very helpful to me for my profession.

Yours faithfully
Abraham Joseph

Hi Steven

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful incite into hypnosis that you have given me. I have just started out and have found your words so useful, you explain this so well and have really given me a clear, understanding of some of the things I could not figure out in the course work I have been completing.

You have also given me some wonderful tips on how to get the best out of sessions and how to move my business forward.

Thank you again.
Chris Munster

Hi Steven,

Personally I thank you a lot for your free Hypnosis training, as I have learned so much. Funny enough, not only about hypnosis itself, but also a lot more on how the brain works and how people function in general and so much more.

It has given me great insights and I am looking forward to receiving more of your work and video's. I actually find it a pitty that it stopped now, as i had been looking forward every day, to receive the new lessons.

I am as logical as a person can be, being an engineer where my faith is mostly in facts, logic and mathematics, I must admit that I have changed my perceptions a bit. I now have dedicated myself to become a hypnotist and in the future become a certified NLP master hypnotist.

Lesson 32, showing the speed induction, was great for me to see you in action, applying the things I learned during your training.

I must admit that your book on Cosmic ordering in first instance was on the edge of acceptance for me, as logical as i am. At the same time I realized that I for sure do not own the knowledge nor the logic to deny it and for sure not have the right to judge it. I have actually changed my perception on this also as I cannot deny the effects. I thank you for that. Ill keep an eye on your mails, hoping for more interesting writings and video's to come :)

Alex Hospers

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn hypnosis, The fact that it is video illustrated makes it easy to use, and a lot easier to understand.

If this course was for sale I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of educating their clients about hypnosis.

This would be an ideal gift to enable them to understand the ins and outs of Hypnosis.

Thanks Steven for your help.
Trevor Line

Dear Steve,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hypnosis courses.

I have tried using the techniques that you teach and have had success. I however recognize watching your inductions as an experienced Hypnotist how much smoother your inductions are. I'm sure I'll get better at it over time.

I feel you have given me a great gift.

Many Thanks,
Shelly Gone

In the first place this course is way more explanatory than many of the high priced stuff and all the way through I did not feel your hand in my pocket which is so often the case from online so-called offers.

The second thing is it was understandable and easy to follow and your material was presented in a rather easy way to follow.

I am sure most people who take this online course of yours will benefit greatly.

Best of luck and thank you,
Sybil Sybarite


I would like to say first and foremost, thank you for providing free hypnosis lessons. I always wanted to learn more about hypnosis as a young kid, as I would often hear of stories on how they could bend the wills of other people like magic. Now I realize that hypnosis isn't some hocus pocus magic. It is actually a great tool in helping others.

I have learned more from you than in some other classes, because you were able to teach it in a way I could understand it. I like the one-on-one style.

Again, thank you for the lessons.
Robin Tan

Very valuable lessons. I thought I knew all there was about hypnosis. I just wanted a refresher since it's been ten years since I've practiced it.

You have explained much more than I knew before and in a way that helps me grasp it. Thank you for posting these! What a great resource!


Hi Steven

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the information you gave us. It was just brillant. I am also doing another on line course. I started it well before I found yours, it has a habit of putting me to sleep it's just too monotone.

I would highly recommend following your course right to the end for the gold nuggets of information spread throughout.

Sue Gillespie

You have done a great job in that all of us who completed your course will surly attest to. Thanks. It would be good if I could find a mentor as well as more insight on the psychology of hypnosis.

Thanks again!
Clif Conrad

Dear Steven,

I will try to be very short...


I've learned so much from this free course, you are an amazing person. I still can't believe that there are people like you who want to freely share their knowledge even though they worked so hard to get it.

I've learned so much from this free hypnosis course, you have explained everything in such an understandable and natural way. I'm looking forward to learning more from you in the future.

I send you all my love from the bottom of my heart, you awesome awesome man! :)

I hope your spiritual growth is going well and that you are finding your answers, cause you're certainly helping me to find mine.

Thank you!!!
Coa L.


I want to thank you for taking the time to give this.

I'm not a beginner, but I find your approach enriches mine.

Zack Schoenholtz

Dear Steven,

Thanks for your email. I've enjoyed you lessons very much. You present a lot of good information and techniques in a clear and understandable way.

Although it is not my prime goal to become a hypnotist, your course gives a very clear insight in the way the human mind can be manipulated and even controlled.

Many thanks for the lessons and keep up your good works.

Best regards,
Hans Schriel.


Well I love the lessons, they're really helpful.

I can't believe my hands actually were stuck I almost cried out of excitement because it really worked.

I can't wait to see my next lesson.
Dasia Briggs


Excellent honest presentation with great results. I am on lesson 4 and can't wait for the rest.

The strength of the course is that you make it sound uncomplicated and achievable by anybody.

Michael Buckton

Hi Steven,

I am really enjoying your course so far, you have a way with explanation thats just chokingly fantastic, its very easy to make sense of it all. I really feel I'm going somewhere.

I'm 23 years old and I have been researching hypnosis for something like 3-4 weeks now and I can succesfully use rapid inductions.

Jakob Svendsen

Your course was terrific!

Your depth of knowledge and experience and your straightforward method of instructing were extremely helpful in expanding my understanding of the whole process. I particularly appreciated your explanation of different personality types and how to deal with them.

I hope I can use what you have taught me to move forward and help other people with my newfound skills.

John Greene

I have a background in Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, Dynamic Meditation, Psycho-therapy, and Creative Visualization.

Your Course added to my knowledge, variation and depth. It was direct, step-by-step and authentic.

I admire your contribution to humanity. May the entire Creation bless your creative work!

Take care,
Shyamal Sengupta

Your course is extremely awesome Steve. I really like it. Thank you for being so informative about such things as linguistic bridges.

I've taken two other courses in classes and you answered questions the others didn't. Anyone interested in Hypnosis, beginner or advanced can learn something important in your course.

There are things you bring up that my hypnosis teacher would not hit upon or answer.

There is so much out there on the internet that just gives a little bit and that's it. I would like to consider you to be my hypnosis teacher if that ok with you.

Thanks again Steve,
Bob Kelly


It was a bit complicated in the beginning but I did understand eventually and it was quite brilliant then. But most of all I loved learning and I liked the flow of the topics as it made easy for me to understand.

This program has helped me a lot and also taught me more about hypnotism and its various uses. Materially as well as spiritually. Thank you.

I have gained a lot of knowledge about this unspoken and lesser known science & hoping I get to use for others to benefit soon.

Thank you for the guidance,
Amon John

Hi Steven

Thank you for the course so far. I was surprised that it was for free I was waiting for the catch but there is none!

I was very interested in your explanation of the brain waves and the different states of consciousness. Your talks are interesting and engaging.

I get the feeling that I might just be able to do this.

Maurice Noonan


I want to thank you Steve, the free course is absolutely amazing.

I learned so much and look forward to getting everything you have to offer.

You rock sir!
Jason Justice

I extremely enjoy your hypnosis lessons and am so glad I came across your website!

After lesson 6, I decided to try the hand lock technique on my friend and it worked!

He asked me if I could put someone into a proper trance, I said no but gave it a try anyway. I made up the script as I went along and it worked!

I got so worried I couldn't get him out of the trance so I woke him up straight away, then I put him in a trance again and made him believe his shoes had fallen off and it worked!

Again thank you for the lessons,
Zak Drew

Hi Steve!

I must say that I would have never thought that so much information would be included in a free course.

So far, I have been able to use what you taught and better understand how people work as individuals.

Although I have not been able to practice putting anyone into a full hypnotic state, I have been practicing using certain language patterns to get messages across to my employees to get them to want to be more productive using conversational hypnosis.

It has been the difference between win and lose. I am now listening to your videos for the second time and learning even more!

I'm really excited about perusing this field and discovering what I may be capable of.

Thank you for your invaluable time,
James Oswald

Hi Steve,

Just a note that I just finished a course for certification in hypnosis. Yet, I am thoroughly enthralled with what you have to share in you 33 videos.

I am at video #7 and so far loving the way you teach. I took Cal Banyan's course. Yet, still I am learning from you a great deal.

And...yes...I did my homework.😀

Thank you again for taking the time to do this.

Hi Steven!

I have been enjoying the hypnosis lessons so far, but I have been very busy recently and am not 100% caught up.

However, from what i have seen so far, these lessons are very helpful, and I now have a much better understanding of hypnosis.

Thank you!!
Maggie Trimpin

Hi Steve,

Firstly, I thank you for such a fantastic hypnosis course for free.

The course takes you through every aspect of hypnosis. Beginning with “Why hypnosis works” continues through “How” part of it. Each major concept has been explained thoroughly in separate lesson.

Vast experience of the author has made this training material more practical. We get to know about world’s great hypnotists as well as best reference books. Not only hypnosis but NLP also has been covered to the necessary extent.

Modified NLP phobia cure technique has been quite interesting. The book “Wishing, Well!” takes NLP & hypnosis to a totally different level of manifestation.

I wish you all the very best for your mission.

Shivakumar Chougule

Hi Steven,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the course. Now I did some of your course about 2 yrs ago and felt as though I'd learnt a lot from you. But about half way thru the course my email got hacked & I couldn't remember the name of the course, so I never completed it.

Last year I did a 3 day hypnotherapy/hypnosis training course in London, it was very good but there was no physical practise which I feel I need to help with my confidence. Anyway on this course he (the trainer) preached that hypnosis isn't real, it's all make believe and the subject plays along due to peer pressure.

Although I do agree somewhat with that, I do feel there is much more to hypnosis/hypnotherapy than just peer pressure & placebo.

He also told me to throw away my salad cards & hypnotic language shortcut cards, he said they'll confuse me & serve no purpose in hypnosis.

Last time I took your course, their was a part where you gave a script with subliminal suggestions. I read this script to my wife who was unaware there was any suggestions in the script, she thought it was just a relaxation thing, anyway she responded fully to every suggestion, although I can't remember the script, I do remember she did things like rubbed her right eyebrow and her left ear (I'm not sure what else, but I think their were others).

I tried the same script on my friend who isn't very suggestible (even finger magnets don't work with him as he just fights it all the way, very very stubborn person) Although he didn't respond to every suggestion there was one or two he did respond to.

Based on that I genuinely do believe their is such a thing as hypnosis. So the course I did left me a little bit disheartened, i decided to try & find your course again. All I could remember is you're called Steven and had a Coventry accent. Anyway I found you and I'm really enjoying the course again.

I think the script writing sessions are excellent, gives a great foundation for hypnosis. I can't believe it's a free course, it's worth it's weight in gold!

This course has really helped me to grasp the whole concept of hypnosis. Thank you so much for putting it together. I'd love to take any other courses that you do.


Hi Steven

I am having so much fun watching the hypnosis course videos and learning so much more each time I watch them.

Keep up the great work you are doing you have impressed me so much with your knowledge.

Shane Smith

Steven's free lessons on hypnosis are both enjoyable and full of helpful tips. The great thing about the lessons is Steven's quiet and peaceful 'delivery'... in fact it feels as if you are actually in the room with him.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a thorough and thought provoking hypnosis course.

Michael Madigan

Hi Steve

Thank you so much for guiding me. The course materials are amazing , I am going through it practicing.

I just wanted to touch my subconscious mind and activate it I will come come back to you when ever I need your guidance, hope you will be kind enough to extend your valuable help.

Once more thank you for the most practical instructions on Hypnosis.

Warm Regards
Shankar Sakti

Thanks Steve for these very useful and wonderful lessons. It's amazing what you accomplish in just a few minutes each day!

Your lessons are really packed with a lot of information and reflects your mastery of the subject matter as well as a reflection of your experience.

I have read books on hypnosis(Kroger's etc) which basically teach you the same things you are talking about BUT they fail to provide us with the very important visual and auditory input that you provide.

Not to mention that it takes a long long time to read and extract the information you provide in just a few minutes.

Again, thanks a lot for these lessons.
Ramon Fagundo

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say thanks for the course, It's been great I have always wanted to learn hypnosis and NLP but never knew were to start.

Now I am reading your book and I have read Dantalion Jones book and I have also got the salad cards, I am just trying to find the courage to start practicing and be fearless and not be afraid to fail at first.

The wife is getting a tattoo done soon and I am going to try the rapid technique.

Anyways I just wanted to say thanks for getting me started you have a good way of explaining things (Being English helps) :)

Your a legend.

John Mechan

Thank you Steve!

I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your hypnosis classes and really Loved your Book "Wishing Well." You confirmed many thoughts that I have had.

I needed this at this particular time in my life. I have played, coached and officiated Women's Field Hockey. I was very successful in all three activities. I never lost a game as a Coach. I have been behind, but never gave up. I wanted you to know that I did read your book and that it made a difference for me.

I'm starting a new chapter in my life and difinitely will be practicing the methods you set forth in the book to create a life of my own design.

Many, many Thanks for all of your wisdom and kindness.


Hi Steve

I'm eight lessons in; just wanted to thank you for offering this for free. It's very helpful, and your patient style makes it easy to follow.

Much appreciated, and looking forward to more!

Jay Stevens

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