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"I have seen other web sites selling certification classes and have watched many hours of video on how hypnosis works. Your videos are by far the best I have seen and yours are free. I just finished lesson 21 and can not wait for tomorrows lesson. I would love to make this my new profession. I look forward to learning more from you. Keep up the good work!"
"The lessons are amaziinnngg!!!! I love them all!!! Its great that you are taking this step by step! Today I hypnotized a friend and made them believe I enhanced their memory power. It works beautifully. I'm using some NLP with my hypno sentences and they work like magic! Thank you, I appreciate your master work. I love hypnosis and I cant wait to do some stage shows!!"
"Another great video lesson!  I really like the car analogy with the driving instructor telling you how to drive the car and where to go.  That explains the role of the hypnotist really well."
"Thanks a million for the free course videos. I attended a Workshop and this is a good reminder. I am looking forward to the more advanced techniques in the coming days."
"The explanation of the hand sticking exercise is really interesting, highlighting the language used and the actions that the hypnotist does to gain the required response.   You have immense knowledge and skill, not to mention confidence and enthusiasm and I am looking forward to working with you through this course.  I especially liked the 'get out' if the sticking doesn't work as I think it is important for people to have that peace of mind that they cannot be made to do something against their better judgment.  Thank you so much for putting this course together."
"This is the 1st time I have responded to anything on-line. I think your free lessons are great and I am very thankful for the instruction."
"Excellent honest presentation with great results. I am on lesson 4 and can't wait for the rest. You make it sound so easy and achievable by anybody."
"This is the most interesting lesson so far!  I could listen to you all night :) I find it fascinating that you can put suggestions in someone's subconscious that would be rejected under normal circumstances."
"Great work! I enjoy your lessons and find them very informative."

What you'll learn on your FREE HYPNOSIS COURSE

  • How (And Why) Hypnosis Works
  • How to Hypnotize People in SECONDS
  • How to Stick Peoples Hands Together
  • How to SECRETLY Hypnotize People
  • How to Wake People From Hypnosis SAFELY
  • The Rules of Creating Hypnotic Suggestions
  • How to Use 'Distractions' to Deepen Hypnosis
  • How to Deal with Abreaction
  • How to Cure ANY Phobia in ONE SESSION
  • How to Create POWERFUL Hypnotic Commands
  • How to 'Confuse a Person into Trance'
  • How to Hypnotize People Without A Script
  • How to Get the Perfect 'Hypnotic Voice'
  • How to Deepen Any Trance State Quickly And Easily


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