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Here you can learn how to hypnotise people… for free!

Your free hypnosis course comprises of 33 video lessons that explain how each stage of the hypnotic process works. But this is not just theory, by the time you’ve gone through all 33 lessons you’ll not only know how hypnosis works, but you’ll also be able to do it!

That’s right! You’ll actually be able to put a person into a genuine hypnotic trance!

On your free course you’ll discover how to successfully guide a person into trance, what to do with it and how to wake them up afterwards, and much much more.

All of the lessons are available for you to watch right now, either here at my website or directly on YouTube.

Before you begin I'd like to make a couple of suggestions...

  1. Watch the lessons in order. Later lessons expand on things you'll have learned in previous lessons so resist the temptation to jump ahead.

  2. After each lesson I have included a link to the lesson on YouTube. Please take a moment to pop over to YouTube and leave a like and a comment on each lesson. This will really help me a lot. Also, while you're at YouTube, please click on the share button to share these lessons with your friends.

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Thank you!

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Conversational Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnosis
Conversational Hypnosis